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Cover of AMK015

Jiří Horáček (*1941)
Romance for Six Strings I.
Recital compositions for young guitar players

Catalogue number: AM  K015      Price:  150 CZK

Cover of AMK014

Jiří Horáček (*1941)
Sonata per violino e contrabbasso
Parts and score

Catalogue number: AM  K014      Price:  350 CZK

Cover of AM0075

Zdeněk Gola (*1929)
Compendium of Playing the Violin

Catalogue number: AM  0075      Price:  290 CZK

Cover of AM0074

Štefan Pernecký (1991 – 2017)
four pieces for piano

Catalogue number: AM  0074      Price:  135 CZK

Cover of AM0073

Jan Olejník (*1930)
Studies and Folk Songs
for flute
(ed. Lukáš Vytlačil)

Catalogue number: AM  0073      Price:  330 CZK

Cover of AM0071

Štěpán Rak (*1945)
For Children
easy pieces for young guitarists

Catalogue number: AM  0071      Price:  160 CZK

Cover of AM0069

Vítězslava Kaprálová (1915 – 1940)
Tales of a Small Flute
Two little pieces
for recorder or flute and piano
(ed. Věroslav Němec)

In the spring of 1940, Kaprálová decided to compose three little pieces to expand the repertoire of her fiancé Jiří Mucha, an amateur recorder player. At the end, she was able to finish only two of them, however. As is evident from their autograph score, Kaprálová intended them to be playable by both recorder and flute. Despite the freshness of these little musical gems full of imagination, none of them has been published – until today. Their first edition was made possible thanks to the support of The Kapralova Society.

Catalogue number: AM  0069      Price:  95 CZK

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